Saturday, March 17, 2012

Link Building Services - Want to introduce about them

In addition to the conventional options in Link Building, there is a link to an email address which is as follows: when we click on a link the visitor opens his email program that offers to send a letter to the address specified in the link.

Link building allows visitors to navigate from one page to another, as well as to download files. When a visitor clicks on a link, the browser sends a request to the server - show the document associated with this link. If the server finds the requested document, it sends to the browser along with information about what type of the document - the usual page, a document Word, Excel spreadsheet or something else.

In link building most of the links are generated automatically, but sometimes you need to insert a link directly to the content, allowing visitors to view any document related to the topic with the current. For example, you've got the list of goods and for some of them you have prepared your presentation in MS PowerPoint. To allow the visitors to see it, you can:

Highlight the text, which will link

Click on the button in the top menu, open dialogue insert links.

Left - tree site that highlights an editable document.

To insert a link to another page on the site, simply click on the desired document and click OK. If you want to insert a link to a document of another site, type its address in the "Enter". In our case, you want to insert a link to the presentation - click on the Browse button next to "Select a file", choose the desired document and click OK.

To remove a link building, place your cursor inside the link and press it again. Open the same dialog, in which the field will be filled with appropriate values (in case the link is to a document map, it will be selected on the left). If you erase the text in the field "Enter" and click OK, the link will be removed.

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