Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Best Designer Lighting 2012 – Feel the wonderful world

With the dawn of the new era, people have become more conscious about growing trends and this is the reason that designer lighting came to the forefront.

Everyone does wish to make their house look like a masterpiece and this is the sole reason that sleek and cutting edge designs are such a rage among people.

Among the many modern designs of lighting some of the hot favorites are mentioned here. Farm house fixtures include traditional open cage designs give a fancy look to the chandelier.

The same can also be used in your foyer or even above the kitchen table. It does look a class apart. Metallic pendants made up of copper and other materials, look very nice in the kitchen and give a rustic appearance.

The ‘Edison’ look of the exposed bulbs is indeed sleek in design and is highly chic. Another important thing is that, brass is back in fashion and is offered in various shapes in designs.

It doesn’t matter if you want traditional lighting fixtures for your home or the newer, trendier lot as you would certainly not be disappointed by the huge collection of different fixtures these days.

You name it and the companies have it which would not just fit your budget but would also be at par your taste and preference.

So, start decking up your home like you have never done before and see how you can make your house look a million times better.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Online Kids Golf Clubs 2012 - cheaper online shopping

So, you are a teenager and love seeing your father playing his golf match on weekends. You tried your hand many times on his golf clubs and he doesn’t allow you as he thinks you may spoil them.

Why don’t you buy your own golf clubs?

There are many golf clubs available in the market which can suit your need very well. The other great thing is with these golf clubs you would be able to play your game comfortably. You don’t have to bend more or put extra effort to hit a long distance shot. The golf clubs are available for almost all the age group of youngsters. You can select them with respect to your height and body type.

Make sure they are lighter in weight in comparison to your father’s clubs and shorter to match your height. The shaft should also have special design.

Try convincing your father to buy one for you. Tell him how badly you like to play this game and praise him saying he is your ideal. You can even convince him to gift you as birthday or Christmas present. Most probably he will agree to get you one.

Even if this doesn’t work you can get a good set of golf clubs on your own. Try online shopping. There are a lot of sites which sells these products at cheaper rate. You can even get used clubs at economical price. If you are lucky you can get new one at with promotional discount.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Home Made Energy Review 2012 - save some energy power

Everybody would like to create something new even they are busy in their day to day life.

If somebody is giving you ideas regarding how to make use of your surround things to save some energy, power, which in turn can save your money then sure you will be trying for that.

In the same way Bill Ford has given you most of the idea which you can easily practice at home.

Home Made Energy Scams 2012” will be giving an overall idea of how much extent the book is help full for the normal people.

Most of the review states that you should know at least something about technical stuffs to make it implemented. “Home Made Energy Review” are having both negative as well as positive points.

But if we take an average we can find that we could able to see more positive points in that.

Again it is depends on the person who writing the review, if the person who bought the book is having full technical knowledge then he could able to execute the things with little hint who might give positive review.

On other side if the person is not having any idea of technical things then the book might looks like Greek and Latin for him who might have given bad reviews.

It is recommended to go through all the review before you decide to purchase it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Made Energy Scams 2012 - Own experiences

I am sharing my own experience after seeing some article on “Home Made Energy Scam”.

I am a student who is having somewhat knowledge in electronics goods. Most of the time, I will be keep thinking like I should do something which will be helpful for the environment.

When I was browsing internet I came across this book and it sounds good for me. Without checking for its review comments I have purchased this book. Then without late I started to read the book.

Whenever required I searched the internet to understand more about the project. I could able find out why to use each and every component which will be used in the project.

Then without delaying much I purchased the components to start my first project. It looks bit easy for me to do work on the project. Since I was working alone, it took some more time for me than it will take to others who will work as a group.

After I complete my project, I didn’t get the expected result. For a moment I thought to post my experience in a section headed by “Home Made Energy Scam”, but before doing so, I did some work around, fine tuning to the project which resulted in the desired output.

According to my experience book is worth money for those who are having technical skills.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Online Best Ecommerce Solutions 2012 - Opportunity to Earn Better Today

If you have ecommerce website and have your own online business then it is the right time for you to use ecommerce solutions to expand your business without spending too much. These solutions are very effective and economical.

You can avail them with great ease but make sure you choose the reliable solutions so that you can get maximum benefit.

The purpose of business act is to root huge yield, if some companies fails in this project I mean to say if it is fail to generate a huge a profit from the business then it will be a huge loss for company. In fact corporation will be trampled by the antagonism offered by different companies.

There are multiple people exits in this world that are using different techniques in order to get huge profit their businesses.  I have seen manifold companies who faced a loss in business field and have left this era due to huge loss.

But by using different ecommerce solutions, there is a chance to attract millions of user to your online website which will guarantee you profit.

This is something which provides you with an opportunity to stay in the market and to compete with others.

These Smart Ecommerce Solutions 2012 are best suited in order to avoid the promotional cost of your offline stores which even after promotion do not guarantee you profit.

You get millions of visitors and a chance to impress them by having good web design and to gain some more profit. Many companies offer solutions which you can avail to make more money. This is a modern day technique which is used by many companies in order to get better of their competitors.

So by using different ecommerce solutions you get an opportunity to earn better and make profit.

Now you can even compete with your competitors in a better way which is not possible without these solutions. So do not waste time and avail different solutions for your website.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Qualcomm to invest US$ 300 million in NextWave

Qualcomm has invested US$ 300 million in NextWaves Telecom. Qualcomm said that the investment is in connection with the equity financing it has provided for NextWave’s reorganization plan.

Qualcomm and NextWave have also inked a technology cooperation agreement, under which Qualcomm will help speed NextWave’s deployment of a next-generation CDMA2000 1X/1Xev wireless network in the US.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Intel to strongly promote future technology and industry growth

In a speech to 4,000 technology industry engineers, developers and designers, Intel Corp’s executive vice president Paul Otellini outlined how the company is driving computing capabilities to promote future industry growth.

During his speech Mr Otellini demonstrated an Intel Pentium-4 processor operating at more than 3.2 GHz. He noted that the Pentium 4 micro architecture is expected to scale to 10 Ghz during its lifetime.

Intel is also working to accelerate other technologies designed to improve computing platform, bus and interconnect performance. Some of these technologies include 3GIO, serial ATA, USB 2.0 and AGP 8X.

Mr. Otellini demonstrated an innovative approach that Intel will be bringing into the server segment, called hyper-threading. This technology allows microprocessors to handle more information at the same time by sharing computing resources more efficiently.

Intel plans to bring hyper-threading into its Xeon processor family next year and migrate is throughout the product line overtime, as software is tuned to take advantage of its performance benefits.

He also disclosed details regarding plans for its next generation plans for its next generation ‘Banias’ processor architecture.

Banias processor will be based on a new core design implications, and will incorporate innovative low-power technologies to extend Intel’s leadership in mobile processors. The technology is expected to be available in early 2003 for the mobile market segment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kodak Camera 2012 - DVC325 Digital Web Camera

Kodak launches a Digital Web Camera.

Kodak has announced the launch of the Kodak DVC325 digital Web camera, which enables the capture and sharing of quality digital pictures and video in an easy and fun way.

It makes video-conferencing sharper and smoother, and communications clearer.

The DVC325 has USB interface for fast data transfer and easy installation.

Bundled software lets you create slide shows, build catalogs, and send pictures by e-mail and even star in your own videos.

This new Kodak offering can turn you PC in image capturing, video-conferencing powerhouse.

It can capture pictures at 640x480 pixels, which is great for the Web. The DVC325 lets you get the picture with a generous little range of up to 75. The product is priced at Rs. 4950

Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth4Energy Reviews 2012

Renewable energy has seen a vast increase in south Asia in past few years which is a very good sign of increasing usage of non-conventional energy in this part of the world. India, Thailand, Malaysia are the countries that trying to set the example with help of government or non government organizations and Earth4Energy review is important.

Most of south Asian countries are working in the field of solar and wind energies. The main reason in their inclination towards the renewable energy sources is that they want to decrease their dependency on costly and perishable sources of energy.

In this way they are trying to harness the renewable energy sources to their extreme.

These countries are trying to make their own sources of energy as they are not having rich conventional energy reserves.

Solar power in south Asian country India has flourished to a great extent in past few years. Government of India is taking all the necessary steps to increase the usage of solar power. Some of the steps taken by the Government of India consists subsidizing solar cells, giving tax relief to the people or the firms which use renewable energy sources.

Government of India is also taking steps to implement the use of solar cell in rural areas by using these cells in traffic lights and schools. Earth4Energy review can give you precise stuff.

Hence the steps taken by the south Asian countries are very encouraging and will definitely cut the carbon emission to a large extent. Countries like India may become the leaders in this field and may set examples for the other countries and you can check Earth4Energy review.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Advantages of Digital Signage and Audio Visual

The digital signage is a form of audio visual communication. Some other popular equipments coming under the audio visual category are televisions, microphones, stereo systems, computers, and so on.

Digital signage and audio visual equipments are very popular in this modern age of communication. Digital signage is the electronic display of information, advertisements, and messages. These are placed at crowded junctions and traffic signals. This signage can use projectors, LED, LCD, plasma monitors, etc for projecting the video.

Audio visual equipments for home use can be bought from reputed brands. Doing so ensures that the money you spend on the product is worth it. If you buy cheap electronic goods, it may not last long and can get damaged soon.

There are also health risks associated with the cheap electronic items like radiation effects, improper wiring which can cause electrical mishaps, and other improper manufacturing defects. So when you buy a product from a reputed brand, you are buying a trusted product which is free of these risks when used properly.

You will also be eligible for warranties, repair, service and maintenance offers on these products. The increasing popularity of these audio visual products is due to the importance of communication and entertainment. Devices like home theater systems, stereo sets, digital signage, iPods, computers, televisions, and mobile phones top the list. These products come in different price ranges depending on the purpose and features available. For example a simple television set may be very much cheaper than the modern plasma television.

The product dimensions also can make the price vary. The varieties available in one type of product can be numerous. Computers come in different sizes, series, configurations, and even for different and unique purposes.

So the price of the product ultimately depends on all these factors. As these electronic items do not come in very cheap, the maintenance and care for the products must be as required. You must carefully read the instructions on the product covers, instruction manuals, and follow any other instructions given by the product distributors. Cleaning the products regularly is very essential as dirt accumulated can lessen the performance of the equipment.

While cleaning you must take the necessary precautions. If you are cleaning your music system while listening to music or it is an electronic device which is drawing in electricity at the moment, make sure you turn off the power before starting to clean. Check whether the product is working properly.

When you feel that the sound quality of the music system is not proper, get the product checked by a professional and do mention the problem of the sound. If you have audio visual equipment at home, keep it safely out of reach from children as it can be dangerous at times.

Also keep them safely from direct sunlight and harsh weathers. Proper maintenance can increase the long-life of the product.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Led Outdoor Lighting 2012 - Enhances the Look

You can get to change the color of the LED Outdoor Lighting, with the use of color cellophane paper, giving a more dramatic look at night.

If the insides of your home are done up well, with the right furniture and the best lighting effects, why should we then not dress up our lawns and gardens?

These days, people who have gardens, lawns, fountains, ponds or even a source of running clear water, opt of LED outdoor lighting.

These lights are safe to use, since they consume low voltage and are extremely fit for outdoor use. The LED outdoor lights are robust and have a quality that outshines the area around.

The LED outdoor lights are used at night to enhance the look of the gardens or water bodies around. One could use various features of the LED outdoor lighting such as up, down or even the back lights.

Customers have been known to immerse the LED outdoor lighting in the pools or ponds or float them for illumination within the water body. This idea surely brings out accentuated effects around the house.

One can even get to change the color of the LED outdoor lighting, with the use of color cellophane paper, giving a more dramatic look at night.

If the LED outdoor lighting is placed near plants or in between them, you sure would be in for a colorful treat, since it has been proved that plants also contribute their own hues and shades to the LED outdoor lighting.

Finally, if you have a wall or a space which has not been use and lies vacant, use your imagination with LED outdoor lighting and bring across some vibrancy around.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Affordable SEO Services 2012 - Promote your websites for High Ranks

The people who have websites want to promote them. There are many reasons that force the website holders to promote the services and activities of their websites.

Getting a unique and famous online status is possible with SEO Services UK so get the services and find opportunities available for you.

There are many people who have websites for different purposes. Most of the people are using the websites for the commercial purpose such as business and companies.

That’s why it is important to get a good web content and domain name that can easily be picked by the famous search engines such as Google and Bing etc.

The use of SEO Services UK is increase because these services are famous to provide the customers good deals and packages regarding promotion of the websites.

Online promotion has different requirements and techniques so using the UK search engine optimization services is very important especially for the people who have personal and business interests in United Kingdom.

If you have launched a new website then you will be required to use SEO rich contents such as articles and other forms of information.

Using the SEO rich web content is important for the rapid and effective promotion of the websites. The people who are professional web content writers and makers will be familiar with the importance and significance of the SEO rich web contents for the promotion of the websites.

Are you looking for the best SEO services in UK? Then you should find the sources that have good recognition. These services must contain good packages for the promotion of the websites.

In order to learn about the website promotions you can find the SEO Services UK. We hope these services will be better and helpful for you and for the promotion of your websites.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Online Christmas Sheet Music 2012 - celebrate with joy and happiness

Christmas is a special occasion for all of us and we all celebrate with joy and happiness. Music has key role to play on Christmas, people have different taste and ideas related to music.

Some people like to play Christmas sheet music on piano and guitar and other used to listen it with family on the devices like iPod, mobiles, CD player and etc.

People have different taste of music some people like soft and other like rock and hip hop. Same is the way with Christmas sheet music; some people like to play it on piano and other like to use modern devices.

People still have charm of playing Christmas sheet music on the piano and listen the melodious music with the family. But other than piano you can also play Christmas sheet music on guitars or banjos.

It is really easy and gives fine tone just like a piano if you have got expertise in playing the instrument.

The most popular Christmas song is silent night. It is soft music that has immense popularity and likings among people.

The big problem found by musicians is tuning of instruments for Christmas sheet music. But the good news is that you can tune your guitar or banjo with the help of online tuner.

Just connect your instrument with a microphone and tune it yourself. It is true that you need to tune your instrument according the tone of your music.

So it may be difficult for you to tune your guitar again and again within a night. So, to avoid such condition, the best thing you can do is tune your instrument for Christmas sheet music according to your taste.

If you have soft taste then you should tune it for soft music and for pop taste you should tune your instrument for Christmas sheet music modern music.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Car Finance Loans - Customer’s Delight

If you are looking for Queensland car finance and loans companies then you can find a plethora of them on the internet. But do their consultants have good knowledge?

Unless their consultants have skills and experience to uncover the right option for you, you should not fall in their bait.

Try to find a company that can even help you with refinancing your existing car loans and help find a better deal. They should be able to present a comparison chart in front of you stating the best car finance deals in the state.

There is a wide range of lenders in this sector. So try to see if your consultant is presenting you with a list of lenders of Car Finance – Loan. Since there are many lenders in this area, the interest rates have to be low.

The interest rates on the car loans range from 7% to 8% depending on the age of the car from being 36 month new car to 48 month used car.

You also have to see at the money saving aspects like - there is no recurring or ongoing fee, and there are preferential payout options. Basically your Car Finance Company should be able to offer you the best deals either for your business or for you.

Now, the general aspect is that people want to buy more and more expensive cars without actually paying much for them monthly. They want more luxury, more car and they are now stretching out on their loans. If you see closely the prices of the same cars with same features are going south.

But the catch is the luxury segment. Thus it is the improved quality of the cars which is motivating the customers to stretch their loan options.

These days an average car runs easily a distance of 100,000kms. So the customers don’t really worry before buying a new one.

But the above scenario has a repercussion. Customers are paying thousands of dollars in the interest. Thus the buyers who are paying long car loans may find themselves in a fix or financial limitation if they require a new car after a few years. The temptation to buy a new car with improved luxury is one of the reasons to change it!

This may also bring forth the fact that the buyers now owe more money on their existing car than what it was worth. The bottom line is that do not get into the longer term Car Finance loan.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flooring Contractors 2012 - Floor Material Recommended by Him

Flooring work is the desire of most homeowners in every city. That’s because a good floor plays a vital role in setting the basic theme of the house.

The choice of the floor is something that takes a couple of days or even weeks for the family members to decide. A contractor in Wakefield should be able to assist you with the available options.

If your house already has a floor and you want to replace it then this would require taking out the existing one and fitting in a new one. The first step takes a couple of days. Contractor Staten Island who has efficient workers will get it done in no time.

But before hiring a contractor you should go through some interior design magazines to have an idea as to which color tiles or flooring will suit the existing set.

Certain areas of the house call for ceramic tiles such as bathrooms. Other areas call for a hardwood floors, such as the living room. There are contractors in Wakefield who give you the right guidance on the type of floor that each of your rooms should have.

Hardwood floors sure look classy and add beauty to the existing theme. But there are other options such as Bamboo floors that are not actually technically made from wood.

They are certainly harder than the usual hardwoods they are formed with a type of grass that is found in China. The hollow shoots are chopped and then made in to strips. Then these strips are bound together to give them the desired look.

The best part about such flooring is that homeowners have more choice of colors.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Smart Ecommerce Solutions 2012 - Special features

It is very important to learn about the special features of the ecommerce solutions that are especially for the businessmen and companies.

Most of the features are related to the faster communication and instant messaging with the manufacturers and customers.

These solutions can be used for domestic and international purposes.

Are you looking for the best features of Ecommerce Solutions Online?

Do you know what features are liked by the traders and businessmen?

They like the features that increase the sales and productions. Every businessman and company likes to get the detail information about the solutions and ecommerce plans that can help them to boost up the commercial activities.

In order to have more information about the best features of ecommerce plans the people should look around the business and trade to learn what they need and what is important for them.
Ease and comfort of use is the best feature of these ecommerce plans.

The best example is the online reservation systems such as airline seat reservation system.

By using the online ticketing systems the customers can buy or sell the tickets of airlines, railways and local transports.

This system enables the users to feel free because of rapid and fast response by the electronic machines and systems.

There is no chance of fraud and scam if you are using the ecommerce plans or solutions. When looking for the safe and secured systems the people should find the automatic systems that provide them required materials if ordered such as ATM machines.

The online transactions are also included among the most popular and famous features of the ecommerce solutions for the businessmen and companies.

No doubt the conventional banking system is good and efficient but you can compare it with the electronic systems because electronic or ecommerce plans offer the users faster actions and responses.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Audio Visual Devices Maintenance

Many personal devices come at affordable prices, but some like music systems, home theater systems, personal computers, play stations, etc. are a little more expensive. So before you buy any of these equipments, you must do a basic research on the good products available.

You can read the product reviews and understand both the good and bad sides of a product. Also when buying the audio visual device, look for a trusted and reputed brands. Electronic devices can get faulty quickly if the components used are not of good quality.

And when you buy a music device, check for the warranty, service and repair options, and also the price. You can also listen to the quality of the music in the device by using a demo piece. If your device gets faulty at any time, do not try to repair it by self. Seek professional advice or get it repaired at a service center.

As these devices can cause low voltage electric shocks, always keep these electronic items from the reach of small children in the house. Taking proper care of the product ensures that its life period increases.

Clean and get the device serviced as suggested in the User Manuals. Take the necessary precaution before cleaning the device like unplugging it from the power supply socket, using the appropriate brush, cloth, or cleaning liquid, and reading the instructions in the Manual carefully.

Always keep the audio visual equipment safe from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Online Discount Scrubs 2012 – Be Careful at Selection Time

Online Discount Scrubs are available everywhere but you have to be careful in selecting the best scrubs, especially when you are ordering from some online website or online store.

This is one of the significant questions: are all Online Scrubs with Discount good?

Now, you have to think from your own perspective as to whatever you buy is genuine or not?

Well, recently, this has been noticed that whenever people buy things in bulk or discounted stuff, sometimes they do not get what they require.

Recently, when I ordered Online Cheap Nursing Scrubs, I was very happy with the fact that everything was all cheap and within the budget, but little did I know that whatever was ordered from the rejected pieces.

In order to understand the quality of the brand, it is very important for you to first check.

However, in the online shopping, you hardly get to know what you are going to buy and what about its quality except some pictures available online.

You have to be very careful with your products, especially when you are ordering from some website. When you get discount on anything, especially uniforms or any clothing, there are chances that you might stumble upon the rejected pieces which will not only make you feel dejected but also will make you lose money and time.

Therefore, before getting enticed by any of these offers it is always clever and smart to read reviews and take info about the products from experienced people.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ecommerce Solutions Online - Enhancing Your Prior for Buying

The idea of any on-line company would be to produce revenue.

Within this Online Ecommerce Solution we take a look at the significance of allowing the clients evaluation their purchase prior to finishing.

As you will find increasingly more clients on-line each and every day the objective for just about any ecommerce solution shop, eBay shop or Facebook shop would be to make the purchasing procedure as pleasant and pain-free as you possibly can for that consumer.

New ecommerce solution software program has the power to place the web company in complete manage of every clients encounter and document what every consumer does inside the web site.

Getting particular objectives set inside your ordering procedure is essential towards the recording and consumer evaluation, to ensure that the web company understands what's operating rather than. This web page will need to have choices of both to put the purchase or cancel the purchase.

Utilizing ecommerce solution software program may have these choices set up and the way the knowledge is shown around the web page. Give the consumer all of the particulars they need around the web page to ensure that there's no require for that consumer to go looking for it or have unanswered concerns.

Getting an ecommerce solution which has an automated method to procedure orders will be the very best method to reduce out errors and conserve money and time. Utilizing an answer similar to this can make your method much more user-friendly and eventually much more effective.

The much less time invested on chasing orders and answering consumer problems the greater streamlined and efficient your ecommerce solution will turn out to be.

The consumer ought to be the primary concentrate for the ecommerce solution so take a look at it from their perspective and what they'll anticipate from purchasing on-line.

When the on-line company requires into consideration the client’s desires and requirements then the chance for good results will improve and create the company probably the most revenue by providing outstanding consumer support on-line.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Top Ecommerce Solutions - Constructed Close To an Audio Company Technique

You would like the most effective associated with Top Ecommerce Solutions; however have you got a well-etched company technique that may take full advantage of this kind of ecommerce solution? If you do not; every options for the internet business, will not work for you personally.

Your company technique should center on your own audience. Explore only have to determine this particular target audience but additionally need to ensure you know everything regarding their pursuits as well as choices.

This can actually provide you with a wise decision by what they need out of your e-commerce web site. Assume your site is promoting a specific item, you will simply achieve success let's say you sell these products, the way in which your own audience needs you to definitely market ecommerce solution.

Your own e-commerce technique could be without your company technique; however is generally in-line by using it. Through determining your general company technique, you are able to arranged objectives for the e-commerce technique. It is important the internet business option would be set up to higher deal with these types of dangers.

Ecommerce solution will be able to fulfill all of them head-on as well as raised the actual champion. It is simply this kind of options that will help your company stand above your competition.

The actual failure or success of the internet business or even any company is within component based on the overall high quality of their client providers, as well as in component it is the anticipation which has the state. Your own anticipation is going to be saved in seek advice from your own strategical.

It's also your own anticipation which figure out the type of options which are employed for your own ecommerce solution initiatives. For any company, it isn't sufficient to remain profitable. It must cover the cost of earnings. Your web business is basically your own digital store.

It is just well-crafted ecommerce solution that may assure that the clients are effective. However, this particular will not be feasible in the event that this kind of options is not supported with a well-thought away company technique.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Link Building Services - Want to introduce about them

In addition to the conventional options in Link Building, there is a link to an email address which is as follows: when we click on a link the visitor opens his email program that offers to send a letter to the address specified in the link.

Link building allows visitors to navigate from one page to another, as well as to download files. When a visitor clicks on a link, the browser sends a request to the server - show the document associated with this link. If the server finds the requested document, it sends to the browser along with information about what type of the document - the usual page, a document Word, Excel spreadsheet or something else.

In link building most of the links are generated automatically, but sometimes you need to insert a link directly to the content, allowing visitors to view any document related to the topic with the current. For example, you've got the list of goods and for some of them you have prepared your presentation in MS PowerPoint. To allow the visitors to see it, you can:

Highlight the text, which will link

Click on the button in the top menu, open dialogue insert links.

Left - tree site that highlights an editable document.

To insert a link to another page on the site, simply click on the desired document and click OK. If you want to insert a link to a document of another site, type its address in the "Enter". In our case, you want to insert a link to the presentation - click on the Browse button next to "Select a file", choose the desired document and click OK.

To remove a link building, place your cursor inside the link and press it again. Open the same dialog, in which the field will be filled with appropriate values (in case the link is to a document map, it will be selected on the left). If you erase the text in the field "Enter" and click OK, the link will be removed.