Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Key To Getting the Best Seats is Presales

Before I jump into this discussion with you, let me first introduce with -

Yes, two to three days ago - My Cousin brother shared with me his positive experience with "" about "Shawn Mendes Show" at "The Danforth Music Hall" in Toronto, ON.

They let you buy tickets to concerts, sports, family and theater events before the general public. They are used by concert promoters and venues to market tickets to different groups of people.

A presale is a special window of time during which you can purchase tickets at face value, before they go onsale to the general public. Think of a presale as a "sale before the sale." Presales are generally run on the website of the official ticket vendor (Ticketmaster, Live Nation, etc.) and are most often sponsored by fan clubs, radio stations, e-newsletters, concert venues, and credit card companies. However, in order to gain access to a presale, one must obtain the correct presale password, either from digging around the net like a master detective, or from a website that lists them. The latter option is often the easiest. Once you have the password, you can gain access to the presale and purchase tickets at face value as one would normally do during the official public onsale.

The advantages of a presale are numerous, starting with the fact that not everyone can take part at it. Because they require a password, presales are often accessible only for ticket brokers, while the public must wait for the sale to get tickets. This also means that you can come up with tickets on the market before they are put on sale at the venues, which will bring you extra chances of making good money.

Presale concert tickets are tickets that go on sale before the general sale to the public, and are usually available through Ticketmaster online. A percentage of tickets for the show are set aside and a presale password is usually required to gain access to the tickets. These passwords can be obtained by joining fan clubs, receiving email newsletters, or for free online! After you get the presale password for the event you are trying to buy tickets to, the process is simple. You go to the event page, enter the presale password in the space that is provided, search for your tickets, and buy them when you are most satisfied.

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