Monday, June 27, 2016

Carols On The Rhythm Of Christmas Sheet Music

Christmas carols and Christmas sheet music are deeply related to each other. Practically both of them without each other look almost meaningless. Carol is a hymn whose theme is on Christmas, all types of carols have almost same theme with difference in lyrics. Purpose of a carol is to show affection for Christmas and winter too in some cases.

Origin of carols is 4th century Rome. Addition of stanzas and properly define poetic patterns were introduced in northern Europe in 9th and 10th centuries. 15th century is time of origin of first English carol. In Europe, during Renaissance movement, they really gained popularity among Protestants. Modern carols are just a mirror image of their old counterparts because all of them almost have same theme.

Carols are sung generally on imperial age chord signature; perhaps this is the factor which grants them uniqueness among all other types of songs and psalms. Some of the carols are still sung from early medieval ages to date. While some are from medieval ages, others are just fresh as the birth of I-pod. Modern antiquarians have found almost 500 carols in different museums. Some of them are written in Latin, English and other European languages.

Today, all the carols we hear on the eve of Christmas, most of them are composed in 18th century in Europe. French musicians have done a lot of work to give a melody and rhythm to these carols. Star singers are probably the most famous carol among European children. They sing it from New Year’s Eve by going door to door, imitating three kings. Theme words in this carol are God Bless this house.

No matter how much advancement is achieved in technology or science but human aesthetics always survive and with them some of the old traditions too. Carols on the Christmas sheet music is one of those traditions which did not only survive but flourished too.

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