Friday, January 13, 2017

Simple and Easy Tips You Should Know To Increase the Internet Speed

Make no mistake about it, speed is everything in this day and age. This fixation with speed has now transferred over to the Internet as well and it seems that nothing on the net now is ever fast enough. So how fast is your Internet service anyway? Is is up to your standards? These are a few of the questions that more and more web users are asking themselves and an Internet Speed Test is a great way to find out.

It is done through an online service. What the service does, is to send your computer a package of data that your computer then sends back to them. In this way an accurate reading of your actual Internet speed is ascertained. Why do you need to know your Internet speed? Once you know your Internet speed then you can Begin to take actions to increase it. As you do these things, then you can go back to recheck your Internet speed to gage any improvements that have, or have not taken place.

First thing to do is to clean your Internet Caches as these are designed to store most recent and most frequently requested information you have accessed on your web browser. To clear your Internet's cache and speed up your Internet, perform following steps.

a) Open your Web Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or others).

b) Click on the Tools and then select Clear Internet History from the dropdown. (Firefox)

c) You can also remove it using keyboard by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del.

d) Close browser and restart it.

You can also speed up Internet in Windows 7 by modifying initialization file. Here is how you can do it!

1. Go to Start Button on the Taskbar.

2. Run

3. Type here "system.ini" without quotes and press Enter.

A window will appear on the screen. Copy this information into system.ini file (window)

page buffer=10000000Tbps










Too many firewalls. It is needed for us to protect our computer with a reliable firewall. But it will only be counter-productive if too many. So to regain high speed Internet, do remember to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add /Remove Programs to uninstall the unwanted firewalls.

Insufficient system resources. We know that no matter which program we are running, it will call for a certain amount of system resources. Once there is not enough system resource, a slow Internet speed will come inevitably. So we can uninstall some unwanted programs, and clear up the useless system junk files to free up as much system source as possible. Besides, we should simplify the startup items to only load what we need exactly when starting up the computers.

Testing speed of internet is very simple and even the home users can do it without any trouble. All you need to do is to use the buttons on the page and it will tell you about the downloading speed followed by the uploading speed. The result will be displayed on your screen within seconds and you can then gauge your internet speed. Once you are down with this test, you can also come to know about the current configuration and hardware aspects using these programs.

All in all, testing internet speed will allow you to discover your speed of internet and thus allow you to optimize it as you please.

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