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Advantages You Should Know About Using Inversion Table

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It has been a one month since I received this Inversion Table and My Grand Father have continuously been doing 3 two minute inversions daily. His serious back pain decreased as soon as he transitioned to full inversion and has decreased steadily over the year.

I will bet there are zillions of people with painful back conditions that are busy doing situps, getting pain killing shots and adjustments with modest results that would be SO relieved if they had one of these machines.

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An inversion table works by making the person lie down on it first. One needs to be relaxed so that the pressure is offloaded. Then slowly and gradually one can invert completely depending on the level of comfort.

An aging spine can be greatly relieved by this process as it increases blood circulation, relaxes the overworked muscles and joints and strengthens them. Thus, one can overcome the negative impacts of spine aging.

What is more is that using this process one can live healthy as this is a complete process of workout. The ligaments are strengthened, and the muscles become stronger. This helps the person to gain better balance. It is a good way to stretch. This is a form of exercise which has the ability reverse the effects of damaging pressures on the body with gravity. Thus, it has rightly become an important fitness product for all.

The use of an Inversion Table can promote healthy living by having a complete body workout with reduced stress and pressure on your back and joints increasing flexibility, strengthening ligaments and core muscles and better balance. The Inversion system also offers a better way of stretching and exercises which reduce and may reverse harmful pressure of the body by gravity. Nowadays an inversion table is an essential fitness product for all those active individuals and not only for those who have bad backs or are to reduce ageing.

The distance between vertebrae is the effect of the stretch that minimizes the pressure on the spine. This reduces the back pain.

Posture problems happen because of sitting in the same position for long hours. These are common in people who do desk jobs. This therapy brings a person back to the natural form because of the gravitational pull.

The balance of the person undergoing this therapy improves as because of the improved posture of the person.

Inversion promotes good posture. Slouching and slumping at desks, in chairs everyday equates to bad posture. Inverting helps our body to get back to its natural curve especially the spine due to the pull of gravity.

By using gravity to help the blood flow from the legs to your heart and lungs. The heart pumps blood with oxygen around the body to feed its cells. The blood comes back to be cleansed and refuelled with oxygen, however it is very difficult returning blood back to the heart from the legs and lower part of the body in which case inversion lets gravity help. Other noted improvements are healthier hair and better skin tone.

Improve core muscles with safe stomach crunches with no pressure on the spine. Relieve aching muscles after strenuous workouts by inverting which also helps with lymphatic system to eradicate waste from the body which helps muscle recovery and growth. Stretching exercises will help strengthen muscles and also benefit from healthy joints.

The role of the inversion table is to essentially decompress or stretch the discs and joints in the spine. Although controversial on the benefit, in theory you are reducing pressure on the tissues around the nerves that exit out between the spinal bones while also helping to improve the amount of nutrients and blood flow to the area.

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