Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hard Disk Repair Tips - Let's Solve this problem smartly and save money

Computer or Laptop's Problems like,

The disk itself might not be able to be detected, a partition cannot be accessed properly, the computer fails t0o boot up correctly, Windows (if that is the operating system) fails to read and write files and so on.

So let's take some basic steps to solve them,

(1) Check to see if any partitions have been lost from the disk.

To do this, check in "My Computer" (this is for Windows systems only of course). Right click on the "My Computer" icon and look for the "Disk Management" icon which is found in the "Manage" and the "Storage"sub menus.

Check that all the partitions add up to the total disk space and that they are all there.

Sometimes a partition appears to be missing because it has lost its drive letter.

Any files held by this partition will then be unobtainable until the drive letter has been reassigned. Simply right click on the partition in disk

management and assign it with the correct letter (e.g. C, D, E, F, G etc)

(2) If the disk itself appears to be missing, then you can go into the BIOS system to check what is happening.

Turn off the computer, then reboot it and press Del + Ctrl + Alt or F1 or ESC. Look for the disk's presence in BIOS. If it appears to be missing,

then this means that the hard disk has been physically damaged, possibly if it has been banged in a fall or knocked with something heavy.

There will probably be nothing for it then but to send it off to a computer repair shop to see what they can make of it.

A problem logic board can be replaced by a new logic board; a seriously damaged internal disk or the spindle head or motor has to be accessed by opening up the disk drive in a dust free environment, which is almost impossible in the normal home.

(3) If the disk does still exist but there is a loud screeching sort of a noise coming from the hard drive, then again some sort of physical damage has occurred and you will have to stop using the computer and find somebody who might be able to repair it if that is economical.

(4) One or more of the partitions cannot be accessed. If you open up an individual partition and Windows prompts you to format it, then a repair needs to be done on this particular disk partition.

You will have to figure out how to do a repair on the boot sector of the FAT and NTFS partition which is possible by the amateur after a bit of research.

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