Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Made Energy Scams 2012 - Own experiences

I am sharing my own experience after seeing some article on “Home Made Energy Scam”.

I am a student who is having somewhat knowledge in electronics goods. Most of the time, I will be keep thinking like I should do something which will be helpful for the environment.

When I was browsing internet I came across this book and it sounds good for me. Without checking for its review comments I have purchased this book. Then without late I started to read the book.

Whenever required I searched the internet to understand more about the project. I could able find out why to use each and every component which will be used in the project.

Then without delaying much I purchased the components to start my first project. It looks bit easy for me to do work on the project. Since I was working alone, it took some more time for me than it will take to others who will work as a group.

After I complete my project, I didn’t get the expected result. For a moment I thought to post my experience in a section headed by “Home Made Energy Scam”, but before doing so, I did some work around, fine tuning to the project which resulted in the desired output.

According to my experience book is worth money for those who are having technical skills.

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