Thursday, April 19, 2012

Intel to strongly promote future technology and industry growth

In a speech to 4,000 technology industry engineers, developers and designers, Intel Corp’s executive vice president Paul Otellini outlined how the company is driving computing capabilities to promote future industry growth.

During his speech Mr Otellini demonstrated an Intel Pentium-4 processor operating at more than 3.2 GHz. He noted that the Pentium 4 micro architecture is expected to scale to 10 Ghz during its lifetime.

Intel is also working to accelerate other technologies designed to improve computing platform, bus and interconnect performance. Some of these technologies include 3GIO, serial ATA, USB 2.0 and AGP 8X.

Mr. Otellini demonstrated an innovative approach that Intel will be bringing into the server segment, called hyper-threading. This technology allows microprocessors to handle more information at the same time by sharing computing resources more efficiently.

Intel plans to bring hyper-threading into its Xeon processor family next year and migrate is throughout the product line overtime, as software is tuned to take advantage of its performance benefits.

He also disclosed details regarding plans for its next generation plans for its next generation ‘Banias’ processor architecture.

Banias processor will be based on a new core design implications, and will incorporate innovative low-power technologies to extend Intel’s leadership in mobile processors. The technology is expected to be available in early 2003 for the mobile market segment.

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