Saturday, February 2, 2013

Know about Professional Network Marketing Business

Before I start my discussion with you, first of all want to introduce with - World Prelaunch.

They are a team of Professional Network Marketers with our combined Network Marketing experience totalling over 150 years. - I have been doing internet business for almost 3 years now. And its not easy at the beginning and very frustrating.

I almost quit many times, but thanks God I get my motivation back every times I get down.The recipe to my success is to jump into an opportunity without asking but doing, testing, tweaking, scaling and see the result. Like what I did with World Prelaunch. 28 days ago I jump in to World Prelaunch without questioning. and start seeing the results. Put your email in the email box and I will send you very cool web traffic source that you can use to drive traffic so you can start your online business the better way, and not spending time and money along the way until you get it right.

The main activity in Network Marketing that creates an income is prospecting. You need to focus most of your time on income producing activities. Getting out there and speaking to as many people possible and showing them the opportunity is the main activity you want to be doing.

Sorting your contacts, changing the presentation to suit you and designing pretty calling cards will not earn you an income. If you really want to become a top earner in your network marketing company, you must do the things that earn you an income.

Look in the mirror and check your attitude. Zig Ziglar once said: "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."

You must maintain a positive, happy attitude if you want to become successful in your business. Remember your down-line will duplicate everything you do, so be positive.

No doubt you will experience challenges, but it's how you react and what you do to overcome those challenges that will make the difference within your business.

It is business not personal. Never let yourself get emotionally attached to a prospect. Once you join a company you will see how easily one can become fixated on one particular person joining you.

You can become a MLM stalker very quickly without really knowing you are doing it, by holding on to that one person because they may join you. "They said they needed an extra income so what's stopping them. If I just ring them just one more time they will join me."

This is a collecting business. Collect their decision and move onto the next person. Yes, No or get a referral, that's it... If you are not talking to enough people about your opportunity you may have the tendency to pester people and stalk them.

That is a really good way to lose friends. The more people to speak with, the more people will join you and the less you will become emotionally attached.

What industries match your personality, skills, and traits?

Come up with 3 - 5 industries that are your best match. You want to evaluate your skill set and match it to the industry that allows you to leverage the knowledge that you have already acquired. Taking this matching approach will reduce the learning curve and also provide you with the confidence you need to discuss your business and what it represents. Remember your physical and mental characteristics too. Obviously, if you are not the model of physical health then trying to promote health and fitness products would not be recommended, so you could rule out the Health & Fitness Industry from your list.

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