Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Suggestion about Website Hosting With a Dedicated IP

First of all, My Positive Experience with - Risingnet.Net

Since 1999, Rising.Net provides e-business solution for individual, and small to large businesses.

Their core business is to offer,

(1) Web Hosting
(2) Web Design
(3) Virtual Private Server (VPS)
(4) Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)
(5) Domain Name Registration and Transfer
(6) Unix Shell Account
(7) Edicated Server Hosting etc.

Dedicated IP Web hosting (also known as static web hosting) allows the website owner to have his own IP address that can be used exclusively for an individual server space or domain. Therefore, a web user could access this web information by typing in the domain name or the IP address. Of course, IP web hosting features between different companies are not standardized.

Dedicated IP hosting is an ideal feature for large businesses or companies involved in e-commerce. This is because dedicated IP hosting offers enhanced security, and safety is of paramount concern in online sales. Other benefits for dedicated IP hosting include the filtering out of SPAM (a common grievance among users who rely on shared IP addresses) and greater flexibility. Dedicated IP hosting offers tools and extra options such as a private SSL certificate and anonymous FTP.

InBetween want to talk little bit about "IRC VPS Linux" - allows you to run IRC processes inside the VPS and  comes with multiple static IP addresses for virtual host or VHOST.

A dedicated IP address can be considered as prime Internet real estate as it has generated proven results for the users. The service hover comes with a higher price and it advisable to perform a price comparison between different web hosting providers before you settle for this type of service. There are companies out there that are offering this type of web hosting accounts at affordable pricing structures as well. Also look out for any hidden costs and deals and read their service agreements in its entirety before you buy the service.

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