Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's Discuss Together about Importance of Toll Free Numbers for Your Business Growth

A toll free numbers from gives your business instant credibility. Select from 800, 855, 866, 877 and 888. Once purchased, your new toll free number is instantly activated and ready to use.

They provide communications flexibility and freedom - one conversation at a time.

Toll free numbers usually denote a customer support service line, a help line or perhaps the contact number of a big business. Once people see that a number contains a toll fee prefix, it is understood that people from across the country can call the number for free. But these 10 digits can be used for other purposes, depending on who you are and what are your professional demands are. Toll free numbers can be equally beneficial for a large organization or for a one-man home business. You might think that getting a toll free number is just an additional expense, but there are several circumstances where you need to have one:

Small and Midsized Businesses

It is important that a business look and work like a big multinational company in order to attract more customers and sales. Toll free numbers play an important role in this. It makes a business look credible, big and professional. Moreover, customers feel businesses that use an 800 number to be more legitimate. For new and growing businesses the advantages of using this number is even greater. It improves your sales, customer satisfaction and also the business impression that you would like to project to customers and prospects.

Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns
Numerous research and surveys have conclusively proven that toll free numbers can generate more response than any normal phone number. When people know that the phone call is free they are surely going to make a call and inquire about the product or service. A special toll free number, known as vanity number is especially significant in generating customer response. It contains a word or a phrase related to the business that makes it easier for more people to remember your phone number and also the product or the service, for example, 1 800 POPCORN, if you are selling popcorn.

Global Presence

It may be possible that a small business organization wishes to attract larger number of clients from different parts of the world. Toll free number can be the best tool for this. The integration of enterprise communication processes with Hosted PBX systems can provide access to mobile communication. This 8xx number can be configured to ring at a number of extensions through this system. Thus, calls from anywhere round the world can be answered at any time by the employees through their mobile phones even when they are outside the office premises.

Enterprise Credibility

Toll free number also tends to establish legitimacy of an enterprise. A business displaying toll free number seems to be well-established. It projects the image like business organizations that have been functioning in the business domain for a number of years and maintaining a large customer base.

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