Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Secrets Talks about Coffee Vending Machine Business

Before I start my discussion with you, please let me about to introduce with - Coffee Franchise

As a Fresh Healthy Vending franchisee, you can join an innovative coffee franchise opportunity that has taken coffee to the next level!

They have transformed the coffee vending market with a FHV-exclusive machine: Fresh Healthy Vending Café. Nobody else in North America has access to this ground breaking equipment.

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The coffee vending machine business is a tough business, anyone that tells you otherwise is either the landlord or the vending machine salesman! Yes, both wanting to get some businesses from you.

Imagine this, you only earn a few cents for every coffee sold and this profit has to be shared with the landlord, the utilities company and machine repayment. How much would you be left with?

Then, there are those folks that sings the merit of coffee vending machine business being the best model and how this model can really provide you with a passive source of income. Read on and evaluate if this model is really passive.

The machine would break down, the ingredients would run out, money needs to be collected and you need to clean the machine for pest prevention. It would really be great if you do not need to attend to the machine everyday, forget about coffee vending machine business being an automated cash machine...

Sorry about the gloom and doom on the coffee vending machine business, I simply do not want people to come into this business, thinking it is easy money. Sure, it is difficult but not impossible. The 3 secrets that I am sharing might potentially change the way you run your business.

Coffee vending machines are useless at locations with coffee shops as well as snack bars. Concurrently, remote areas that aren't frequented by a great deal of people are not well suited for installing these types of machines. Survey around and put together a list of locations where they have the opportunity to produce excellent business.

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