Saturday, August 10, 2013

Professional SEO Services always win

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 Do you know "SEO after Google Updates??

There are different things a website owner needs to focus on after the Penguin and Panda ranking algorithm updates:

- Getting original, well-written content on their site
- Obtaining links from relevant authority sites
- Avoiding buying links or automating link building
- Posting articles in the most relevant category
- Using LSI (related) keywords instead of stuffing the article with the same phrases
- Employing proficient, native expert SEO article content writers

Search Engine Optimization is well, about optimizing; but how do you know when you are over-optimizing a certain page or website? Well, if it is too late to do anything about it, you probably got hit by the Penguin Update, so it is time to recover and start building a backlink structure which doesn't look so keyword-stuffed and develop articles which are natural, and not only look natural.

So, does the Google Penguin update ask the internet marketers to change their techniques just because Google wants so? Well, the answer is no. As being said above, Google wants the content developers to write for people, and not for its search algorithm, and this is no recent news. Those being said, we can simply conclude on the fact that Google Penguin update only triggers a signal of alarm on those webmasters which tend to over-optimize for search engines instead of working out on how to attract and better inform the visitors.

If you know HTML code it will not be hard to find, just select the comment with link and you can see the source, all will be shown. If you do not know HTML code then you need to use some SEO tools to show that the back link does not follow. You need to pay attention to your comments parameters. Before you post a comment you must be sure that your comment have same topic as the article, so it takes a little time to read the article and understand the content. Avoid short comments like this "this is a nice article" for the moderator will not allow comments such as that to be published.

If you not follow the Google updates and your website has been hit with a new Penguin update you must monitor your back links and find some of the link building techniques that Google now punishes.

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