Monday, September 9, 2013

Finally my cousin sister purchased Dog Collar

After read many "Online Positive Reviews" about einstein et-800ts, finally yesterday my cousin sister purchased it for her dogs.

Actually, she is really very particular about to buy any type of products for her pets. She was telling me that,

Einstein ET-800TS is complete set of dog system trainer that covers up to a range of 1 mile.

  • It comes with large receivers that are specially made for large dogs.
  • It has a user friendly stopwatch that allows the dog trainer to monitor and watch over his 
  • dog at all times.
  • It provides a more intense sensation similar to vibration that is more effective in catching big dog’s attention.

 The collar is just a strip of leather with a buckle on it, much like a regular belt. I never though of the dangers when I had bought it, I just thought it looked good, and it fit, so I purchased it. I never thought about what could happen if she was crawling under our deck and had it get caught on something, or if she was running around in the bushes near our house and it got snagged on a low branch. I should have though; both of those are scenarios that could have killed her if I wasn't around. Fortunately neither happened, but after leaving the vet's office that day, I ordered a new collar.

The new collar I bought is called a break away collar, it is a collar designed to do just what its name implies, it breaks away from the dogs' neck if it gets hung up on something. To prevent the collar breaking open on the leash, it has two eyelets to put the leash through. The collar I have has broken open once since my dog started wearing hers, she was playing with another dog and they were pulling at each others' collar when hers snapped off. We then had to break rough housing as my friends' dog was being choked by my dog, she had a good grip on his collar and it couldn't come off. After explaining to him what the vet had told me, I noticed that the next time I saw him, his dog had a break away collar as well.

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