Friday, July 29, 2016

Cheetah in August Series - Drama And Romance Together

Before I start my discussions, Let Me introduce with - Bawn Media Group

This company has a great vision on how it wants to help the LGBQ and Trans community! And they produce great shows!

I already join their team at -

BawnTv is a video streaming platform that offers LGBT content creators a platform to showcase their content.

Cheetah in August is a riveting story about a former high school track athlete who’s distorted views on love, negatively affects the people closest to him. The journey of the main character (August) from his high school years into adult life is extremely relatable and current to the times of today. Love, religion, psychology, and self-hate are all themes that are touched on throughout this series and it definitely raises awareness to societal issues that are often swept under the rug. 

This project is allowing people to come face to face with situations that happen on a daily basis. Often times, when people are dealing with personal issues they tend to harbor their feelings because they fear being judged. I want people to realize the negative affects that this can cause in hopes that someone watching can find the courage to seek help and break free.

A strong and compelling story that adds depth to a series that you'd never expect to feel from an indie-film. I am new to media around the LGBT community, but this really has been insightful and I feel like I've gained a ton of important info, as to how people are viewed on a religious standpoint and social standpoint.

This series has captivated me and honestly changed my perspective on many parts of the world. It's an emotionally gripping story. I love this show, I'm surprised it hasn't blown up yet. I feel this show deserves more credit then it's getting, highly highly recommend.

I'm only about halfway through but I already am in love with this series! I can't wait to binge it when I get home! Keep up the amazing work!

The production starts off weak but improves through the episodes.The story follows August and his string of "healed" lovers who seem all to either implode or explode as the episodes follow. The magic gift of healing through love creates an addiction only the first lover seems to shake. The others don't do that well.

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