Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Web Based File Manager – The Best Online File Management Solution

A web based file manager being a part of a system requiring web based management which makes it possible for us to maintain files in the server easily. One of the important features is the availability of the undo and redo features which apply for almost all operations like delete, copy and move etc.

This indicates that even f you have deleted your files by default, you can always retrieve them by the undo command. The web based file manager also offers packing facilities in various archives options like zip, gzip, gz, tg, tgz. Few of the other features include internal clipboard manager, history manager and image viewer. The range of files and directories operation facilities like, browse directories, upload, download, copy, rename, delete and new file.

The system of web based file management comes with a user permission including quota limits. The presence of a user interface and online administration enables you to manage the users without any requirement for knowledge of server configuration. You can also use it for storing remote or hosting services files like FreeDrive. This facility is used by the companies or academic institutes requiring the need for sharing documents within the employees or associates.

A web based file manager helps you to manage and share files and safely store other formats like digital media, images, documents, audio, video, presentations, PDF files and publishing layouts. In fact, you can start working in just few seconds as soon as it’s installed. The ‘individual user accounts’ in a web based file manager allows the authorized users to have a fast access to the documents. You can have 24 hours access to the documents from any part of the world only through internet browsing.

The file manager also acts as a Digital storehouse and hence allows you to organize your documents according to the categories of your choice. The user friendly structures of the folders help you to locate your files and folders very comfortably through the facility of searching. The interface of the web based file manager is almost the spinal column. You can use the default stage mainly to upload approximately 10 files.

Web based file manager has added more to our lives with its advanced facilities. Using the web based file manager serves to help the various companies and institutes to function smoothly.

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