Sunday, July 10, 2016

Using A PHP File Manager

A PHP file manager is an advanced tool for managing file systems and it is available on a single file. This software is very useful for managing all kinds of directories and files, which are available on a FTP server or your web server. The same software has many features and functions. It is helpful in renaming, creating, uploading, and deleting directories. With its help you can edit, rename, download, delete, as well as search files. You can even change directory and file permissions.

A php file manager works quite well with FTP connections. However, you should bear in mind that if you fail to arrange an FTP connection in your configuration, then the php file manager would be using the local file system. If that happens then you will be able to access only the directories as well as files for which the PHP has read permission, at least. If you wish to upload, rename edit, or delete certain files, or change the file permissions then PHP will also have the write permission for the same files or directories.

You can use PHP file manager as a stand-alone software. However, you will also find that it is quite easy to integrate the file manager within your own website. When you download the manager, you can go through the usage section to find out the way in which you can do it.

The updated version or the latest version of the PHP file manager has many useful features. It works properly with FTP servers, that is UNIX and Windows, and even with the local file system. It has the ability to support multiple languages. You can adapt it by modification of CSS file and configuration file, with ease. It is very easy to integrate it with your website and it can support icon view and detailed view.

The other features of the PHP file manager are also very good. The file manager has a built-in editor for all kinds of text files. It has a built-in preview with thumbnails for images. The built-in action log is also helpful. Features like integrated directory and file search make it user friendly.

The file management tool has the capacity to support automatic setting of various permissions while uploading files or creating new directories. It can also support automatic modification made to lowercase or to replace spaces of filenames for different uploaded as well as downloaded files.

With the help of PHP file manager, you can upload up to 10 files at a time. It maintains automatic backup creation while uploading files. It can support password protection for login. Another thing that the file manager supports is hiding of files with arbitrary extensions and system files.

A Php File Manager is a form of modern tool that is useful for the management of file systems and you can get it on one file. The software comes very handy for managing different directories as well as files, available on either a FTP server or even your web server.

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