Friday, July 22, 2016

Does Buying Golf Clubs Mean I’m finally old?

For many who are considering purchasing golf clubs for the first time, the idea may have crept in slowly until one day they realized that they were seriously considering taking up golf, and left them wondering if this meant that they had somehow passed over the barrier of youth without taking notice.

Does taking up golf and purchasing the golf clubs and other gear that goes with it mean that you are getting old? Golf is hip, right? The answer, in short, is yes. Golf is no longer your grandfather’s sport. It isn’t full of nothing put stuffed shirt old men who look down the stem of their pipe and scowl at anyone from a different class or financial state than them.

Although there are still plenty of clubs who brag of exorbitantly high membership fees and annual dues and who post uniformed guards at their tall iron gates to keep the riffraff out, there are even more public (and even some private) courses who enjoy the youthful facelift that the game has gotten over the last decade or so. Owning golf clubs no longer means you’re an old guy.

Whether it was the portrayal of golf in certain comedies in its low-brow state, or simply the infusion of youth and charisma that took over the PGA tour in the late 1990’s, golf has seen a huge change in perspective as well as patronage. Although, owning golf clubs doesn’t require that you lose your sense of humor and grow a mustache, there are some things about golf that will never change.

Golf has always been known as a gentleman’s sport and everyone who chooses to spend their time on the links knows and respects the traditions and etiquette that are taught and expected in the game. Even those who are out for a day of fun with their college buddies and a few beers keep in mind the history of the game and its roots as a game of honor and healthy competition.

So go ahead and buy those golf clubs. It doesn’t make you old, it makes you wise. Only the young and dumb miss out on golf because they think it makes them seem old.

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