Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why You Should Choose Farmland Investment Saskatchewan

If you are a short-term investor, a long-term one, or a flipper, you should definite be aware of the importance of real estate and how significant it proves to be in the long run. Traditionally investors waited for a long time to buy a property of land. They waited, thought about it, and ultimately decided to invest another time. However, things have changed now. More and more people are interested in farmland investment Saskatchewan. As you know, the Saskatchewan province is a part of the prairies, which is excellent for the cultivation of wheat.

The farmlands in this area are affordable and their prices will surely increases after some decades. Then you will be happy about you sensible choice. Many people wonder why one should invest in Saskatchewan. The main reason behind this is the target market, which is very attractive. The farmlands in this province amount to about 65 million acres.

The acres make up almost 45 percent of the arable land in Canada. This proves why investors are choosing Canada as the new place for making investments in its farmlands.

You can safely invest in Saskatchewan farmlands because a farmland is a very stable, conservative, as well as income producing investment. It also has inflation protection. There are extensive processing and storage facilities, and a transportation infrastructure in Saskatchewan. Moreover, the price of every acre is low, despite the recent increase. Compared to other places the prices of farmlands in affordable in Saskatchewan. From 2003, the province has annulled the restrictions on residents belonging to other provinces and places from owning farmland in Saskatchewan. So, even if you do not live in this province you can buy a farmland here.

At the beginning of this decade, the main concerns were about recreation and energy. However, things have taken a different course and the concern has shifted to water and food. The cost of wheat as well as other crops grown in the Prairies is increasing but Saskatchewan offers the lowest prices of farmland in the whole of North America.

This makes the province so attractive to investors from different places. Today investors can get better opportunities to purchase farmlands in Saskatchewan, without a worry.

On an average, a farmland In Saskatchewan sells for about $355-$405 per acre. The farmlands are rented out for approximately $40 per acre. You will get a better picture of the rates if you compare the prices with those in Ontario.

In Ontario, the selling price of a farmland is about $6,500 for an acre and the rent per acre is $175 to $300. Thus, the benefit of making farmland investment Saskatchewan is evident.

If you make farmland investment Saskatchewan then you will not have anything to lose. In fact, you will make a lot of profit in the future with your new purchase as the property price go up.

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